RCL C-30Li Loader



Helping ensure compliance with current and future environmental regulations, RCL’s C-30Li® Loader has been developed as a zero emissions vehicle for GSE while remaining focused on the uncompromising quality our customers have become accustomed to for 30 years.

The RCL C-30Li® main deck loader can do the job longer at significantly lowered cost, with more reliability, with less down time and fewer maintenance hours per operating hour, giving you more flexibility than conventional battery powered equipment can. The lithium ion smart battery eliminates the need for a battery management program and has sufficient capacity to sustain the energy demands of the loader through a rigorous daily duty cycle.

A great feature of the RCL C-30 Li is the flexibility of charging options. No longer is your electric unit anchored to the stationary charger location. You can also use the built-in 200 amp charger.  This charger can be powered using 400 hz aircraft power from a GPU, CPU or jet bridge. Using this charger, in three hours the battery will rapidly move from a 20% state of charge (SOC) to 80%. At 80% SOC you can service at least 6 widebody aircraft. The RCL C-30Li® will do the job.

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The RCL lithium ion battery is estimated to last three times longer than a typical lead-acid battery. The initial investment is spread over a significantly longer time period. Lower maintenance costs combined with the dramatically reduced cost per kilowatt hour makes the RCL C-30Li® an incredibly sound investment.

  1. Our lithium ion solution requires only one battery and therefore one charger.
  2. No more engine oil, no more fuel filter, air filter or anti-freeze:  The intervals between regular service checks can be greatly increased…thus, no more need to drag your loader to the shop for an oil change.
  3. The lithium ion battery is maintenance free.  The lithium ion battery does not require a watering system and won’t build a memory, significantly reducing total cost of ownership as a result of less time and people to support the battery operation.
  4. Our lithium ion battery supplies power at a consistent rate regardless of the state of the charge of the battery, reducing unnecessary heat generation and resulting in longer duty cycles.
  5. The lithium ion battery consists of sealed cells with no risk of acid spills and resultant environmental contamination.
  6. Charging the lithium ion battery is much faster than charging a conventional lead-acid battery, resulting in more in-service time and a lower investment in charging facilities and equipment.
  7. The single 600 amp hour lithium ion battery provides sufficient power to operate the loader through a complete daily duty cycle.
  8. Our lithium ion battery guarantees efficient and fast charging with optional onboard 400 HZ opportunity charging capabilities.