RCL C-15Li Loader


Helping ensure compliance with current and future environmental regulations, RCL’s C-15Li® Loader has been developed as a zero emissions vehicle for GSE while remaining focused on the uncompromising quality our customers have become accustomed to for 30 years.

The 80V Lithium Ion smart battery has sufficient capacity to sustain the energy demands of the loader through a rigorous daily duty cycle. Energy supply is controlled through a single 80V controller. Charging the battery is easy and rapid through a stationary charger or an optional 400HZ onboard charger.

The lithium ion battery is estimated to last at least two times longer than a well-maintained lead-acid battery thereby spreading the initial investment out over a significantly longer time period while reducing cost per kilowatt hour dramatically.

Ground Support Equipment Remanufacturing
  1. Our lithium ion solution is an efficient 80V system requires only one battery with precision energy consumption control through a single controller.
  2. Eliminating the internal combustion engine and replacing it with a maintenance free lithium ion battery eliminated the need for regular preventive maintenance.
  3. The lithium ion battery does not require any maintenance, significantly reducing total cost of ownership as a result of less time and people to support the battery operation.
  4. Our lithium ion battery supplies power at a consistent rate regardless of the state of the charge of the battery, reducing unnecessary heat generation & resulting in longer duty cycles.
  5. The lithium ion battery consists of sealed cells with no risk of acid spills and resultant environmental contamination.
  6. Charging the lithium ion battery is much faster than charging a conventional lead acid battery resulting in more in-service time and a lower investment in charging facilities and equipment.
  7. Specifying a single 600 amp hour lithium ion battery to provide sufficient power to operate the loader through a complete daily duty cycle.
  8. Ensuring efficient fast charging with optional onboard 400 HZ opportunity charging capabilities.